Launched in 2010, is now the leading authority in on-line education in Trinidad and Tobago. This S.E.A. revision website is widely recognized by teachers and students throughout Trinidad and Tobago, with over 35,000 registered and active users. Flavorite has proudly sponsored the website since its inception, offering prize incentives to students for the completion of work. To date, over 1100 litres of ice cream have been awarded to hard-working students in over 300 schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

About currently focuses on two key pillars in education: Mathematics and English Language. It is important for our students to grasp the key components in these two subject areas for them to achieve a well-rounded education. For this reason, has been structured in a format so that students can focus on one topic at a time. To help students further understand their work, topics on are further broken into core components, allowing them to complete exercises which focus on one question type at a time, all the while offering tutorials for every question if needed.

Games & Prizes
Positive reinforcement is a proven method for stimulating improvement. Every week, lucky students have an opportunity to win 1 of 12 litres of Flavorite Supreme Ice Cream for participating in’s online games. Prizes are sent to students via post. Sometimes “Mr. Pennacool” will visit them personally to deliver their prize! Winners are then entered into the Hall of Fame, where their accomplishment is immortalized on the website for all to see.

Form 1 & Beyond! is also available for secondary school students. Log onto for revision exercises within the Form 1 Mathematics syllabus, using the same pennacool formula you know and love!

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